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My name is Dianne M. MacMillan and I'm an author of more than twenty books for children. I write because I love reading, books, and children. I can't imagine my life without all three. For many years I taught elementary school but now spend my days writing.

By nature I'm a curious person and I love trivia and little known facts. This has led me to write about many different topics. My first published story was about cockroaches predicting earthquakes! Fortunately, most of my subjects are not so far out. I've written about endangered animals, multi-cultural holidays, and the history of Los Angeles.

My three latest titles are Humpback Whales, Life in a Deciduous Forest and The Curse of Rafferty McGill.

Browse my site to find out more about my books and about me. Check out some of the amazing and fun facts found in my animal books. Contact me if you have questions or just want to say 'hi.' Perhaps you know some amazing animal facts.

I hope you share my love of books. Happy reading!



Fun Facts

Cheetah in tall grass

The Cheetah is a running machine. It can:

  • Run from 0 to 45 miles per hour in 2 seconds! That's faster than most race cars.
  • Cover up to 20 feet in a single stride.
  • Run up to 70 miles per hour in short bursts. That's freeway speed!

Take the Cheetah quiz.

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One of My Latest Books

Cover of The Curse of Rafferty McGill

On St. Patrick's Day, Ryan O'Conner made his piano teacher disappear. Now he's in big trouble. To get the teacher back, Ryan has to deal with a bossy leprechaun or else the piano teacher will have vanished forever.


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